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Bizarre Prehistoric Animals Ever Existed!


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Song: World Falls Away by Seether.
I really like prehistoric animals, especially prehistoric mammals.
These are some prehistoric animals which i think ..Also called “Dunkle’s Bone,” this was one of the largest armored jaw fishes to have ever roamed the Earth.
Considered one of the fiercest predators in the ocean it could measure up to 10 meters and weighed 3.6 tonsTop 10 Bizarre Prehistoric Animals 32.
By Ash Grant on February 2, 2010 Animals.
It’s also known as being the third largest land animal to have ever existed, ..15.) Dunkleosteus: Or “Dunkle’s bone,” was one of the largest armored jaw fishes that ever existed.
It was one of the fiercest predators in the ocean.
It could be up to 10 meters long and weighed 3.6 tonsThis animal existed during the Late Cretaceous.
Elasmosaur weighed more than 2.2 tons and 46 feet long.
His neck covered half the length of its body and had approximately 70 vertebrae more than any animal known today.
Being the animals with giant body size, Elasmosaur must have large finsUntil about 1.5 million years ago, really, really big sharks called C.
megalodon prowled the oceans, representing one of the largest vertebrate predators everPossibly one of the most absurd creatures to ever walk the Earth, incisivosaurus is a buck-toothed dinosaur that lived 128 million years ago.
This bird-like dinosaur is unique for it’s bizarre teeth, a rare quality in animals outside of mammalsAnimals 15 Terrifying and Little Known Prehistoric is one of the most bizarre-looking prehistoric nastiest feline ever to have existed10 Terrifying Prehistoric Relatives of Normal Animals.
bear the largest mammalian predator that ever existed.
10 Bizarre Birth Mutations In Animal

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