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Bizarre Prehistoric Animals Ever Existed!


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Song: World Falls Away by Seether.
I really like prehistoric animals, especially prehistoric mammals.
These are some prehistoric animals which i think ..The Greek name for a little bird, also translated as “early wing” or “first bird,” it supposedly existed during the Jurassic Period.
A fossilized feather was discovered in 1861 in Solnhofen, Germany, where high-quality lime deposits were mined for over a centuryOf course, large animals include dinosaurs, which were some of the most ridiculously large animals to have ever walked the Earth.
Take Amphicoelias for example.
It could easily tower over a human, a house, or even the tallest animal today.
Take a look at the 25 biggest prehistoric animals to ever existThrough the helpful skills and knowledge of archaeologists, more and more prehistoric animals are found every year.
Dunkleosteus .
The Dunkleosteus is a prehistoric fish that could give you nightmares.
It’s said to be one of the biggest arthrodire placoderms, an armored and jawed fish, to have ever grazed Earth’s watersThis massive dinosaur includes what was long thought to be the longest creature to ever roam the Earth.
Known as A.
fragillimus, it was estimated to be over 190 feet (58 meters) long and more than 122 tons.
Unfortunately, the fossil remains were lost in the 1870’s so only written records remainThis prehistoric animal appears to be an ancestor of the pig and lived in the plains of Eurasia until the end of the Eocene epoch (around 30 million years ago)The most bizarre pre-historic animals to ever roam the Earth hold myriad mysteries for science and history lovers to discover.
There are all types of bizarre ..12 Weird Prehistoric Creatures That Will Make You Glad You're Alive Today.
Featuring a whale with legs and a vegetarian crocodile.
From Julius Csotonyi's new book of paleoart

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