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10 Craziest Selfie Gadgets


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From a selfie hat to a toaster, take a look at these awkward gadgets for the narcissist in you10.
GripSnap: The GripSnap is a magnetic monopod that will stick to any metal surface and hold your device while you take a selfie, a time-lapse, or even a l..For London Fashion Week Acer collaborated with a designer on what it's calling a Selfie Hat, a bright and sparkling pink hat with a tablet hanging off of it (specifically, Acer's Iconia A1-840These are the 10 Craziest Gadgets To Click A Perfect Selfie.
You can easily choose the one gadget which you like to click a perfect selfie of yourselfThe selfie craze just doesn't seem to be dying down with every cell phone user on earth seemingly addicted to taking their own photo.
If you're a selfie addict then this is the blog post for you.
Check out 8 of the craziest selfie gadgets ever and enjoyThe Selfie Craze And The Craziest Selfie Gadgets Invented To Promote It.
Ana - July 18, 2015.
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Selfies are nothing but self photograph which has become a huge craze post the year 2000.
With the advent of social media platforms to elevate the craze, it has become a habit for people to take self photos, selfies with group and in different ways ..Technology is growing day by day faster than ever.
Every day we come to know a new invention of science.
No doubt, technology is the key to scientific progress.
In this era of technology, we have taken selfie gadgets far ahead than our imaginationThe 10 Craziest Japanese Gadgets by K Thor Jensen Jul 22nd, 2016 The 1980s saw the rise of Japan as a technological superpower, quickly dominating the world of gadgets and gizmos with the Walkman, the Nintendo and other fine products.
That spurred a generation of young Japanese people to explore the inventor’s art on their own.
Some of them ..หากการถ่ายรูปเซลฟี่มันเป็นเรื่องยากนักล่ะก็ วันนี้เราจะมานำเสนอตัวช่วยที่จะทำให้การถ่ายรูปของคุณ ไม่ใช่เรื่องยากอีก ..El diseñador Christian Cowan San-Luis ha creado junto a Acer el gadget definitivo para las adictas a la moda y los selfies, el Selfie Hat.
Este discreto sobrero fue presentado en la Semana de la Moda de Londres y promete conseguir lo que jamás creíste posible: hacer selfies perfectos estés donde estés.
La pamela en cuestión incluye una ..

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