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Long Exposure Night Photo Editing Free Tutorial


Full tutorial:
In this exclusive tutorial you will learn how to edit a long exposure night photo in Camera RAW and Photoshop CC.
I will show you how to enhance the lighting and the colors and how to create nice color tones and get an amazing night shot from a rubbish RAW photo..
Watch the full tutorial and download the PSD and RAW file here: .
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Tag: long exposure night photo editing free tutorial

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Milky Way & Star Photography Tutorial: Camera Settings, Equipment, Photo Editing and Planning ToolIt’s easy to get caught up in the fast nature of photography, technology, instant results, presets, etc.
But what happens when you slow your photography right down? This tutorial will introduce you to the 101s of daytime long exposure photography and share the exact steps you can follow to creatRecently I wrote part one of raw photo editing software comparison.
If you missed it, you can get all the details here (there was quite a discussion that ensued in the comments on that one, go check it out)Over the last year I’ve become more and more enamored with night photography and the depth of colours offered by it.
Today I’d like to share a few things I’ve learned with you and hear your thoughts on this diverse and fascinating style of photography.
What are our tools in night photography? Tripod.
While not […Boost your photo editing skills by learning how to batch process your photos in Adobe Lightroom! Use these tips to cut down on your photo editing timeAbout: I work at instructables by day, and turn into a stitch witch by night.
follow me on instagram @jessyratfink to see what i'm working on! ^_^ More About jessyratfink Hey Nick, great article! You mentioned using a remote shutter release, but I also wanted to point out that the mirror lock-up function will decrease vibration even moreLandscape Photography in Depth.
An extensive 10+ hours tutorial on landscape photography.
Full workflow: from the on-location capture to post-processing techniqueExcellent Photo Manipulation Tutorials.
The demand for Photoshop tutorials are too much in these days and finding the best tutorials from the pool with tens of thousands of tutorials is not a easy job to performIt’s incredibly easy to produce a double exposure with a film camera.
You simply rewind the film after you take your picture.
Then you take another picture over the top of the first picture

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