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Bizarre Prehistoric Animals Ever Existed!


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From scary descendants of deep-sea prehistoric sharks to a 120 million-year-old ant, check out these 25 prehistoric animals that are alive todayFrom an ancient sea creature giving birth, to creatures engaging in battle, here are 25 Most Bizarre Fossils Ever DiscoveredAlthough we dominate the animals of today, many of these animals have extinct relatives that were a lot larger and more vicious than the animals we know15 Unusual Prehistoric Creatures^15 Unusual Prehistoric Creatures^There are plenty of strange animals living today, but few people know how odd some of the ..Paraguay, 1 million years B.C.
A powerful Smilodon called Halftooth must survive on his own after being driven from his clan.
South America is a bizarre world of ..The ancient frilled shark once lived alongside the T-Rex and has remained evolutionarily unchanged for 80 million yearsOne day, a light flickered inside me.
It was a white radiance, cooler than a candle or a star, yet a consuming fire all the same.
It was a part of me, that was always ..Using one of the above definitions, dinosaurs can be generally described as archosaurs with hind limbs held erect beneath the body.
Many prehistoric animal groups are ..Six giant fearsome predators of the ancient seas are not shown here.
I doubt you have done much research on everything and anything ever written about themMosquito bites frequently induce a sharp sting in people and some animals, with severe evolutionary consequences for the mosquito when it gets swatted

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