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How To Take A Screenshot On HTC 10 #HTC10


I show you how to take a screenshot on the HTC 10.
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Taking a screenshot can be quite helpful in many ways.
If you need to share something on your screen with someone but they aren’t next to you, sending ..Hier ist noch ein sehr cooles Video in dem ein Verfahren vorgestellt wird mit dem man JEDES Handy wasserdicht machen kann, also auch das HTC ONE ..This is how to capture the screen of the HTC ONE, and the new HTC ONE (M8) A tutorial that shows you the two ways of doing a screenshot on the HTC ONEHere we are going to provide some of the easiest ways on how to take a screenshot on windows.
These processes are quite simple and efficientHow to take a screenshot/what key to press to take screenshot/why I can’t take screenshot on Microsoft Surface 3 Microsoft Surface 3 tablet released in ..How to Save a Screenshot.
Screenshots have lots of uses, and most devices allow you to take them with quick shortcuts.
Screenshots can be used for ..How to take a screenshot on any Android phone No matter what phone you have, we'll help you figure out the easiest way to snap the screenThis is how to take a screenshot on Android -- no matter what version you're runningIt's a question that I see new Chrome OS users ask time and time again: 'How do you take a screenshot on a Chromebook?' It's really very simple..Diskutiere Mehrere Nummern unter einem Kontakt speichern? im HTC Wildfire Forum Forum im Bereich Ältere HTC Android Geräte; Hallo, Ich habe das wildfire ..
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